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Angel Healing

Angel Healing

One on One

This Session Can Offer You:

  • Questions Answered

  • Life and Soul Purpose Guidance

  • Relationship Readings

This in-depth analysis is a one on one with me and will provide in-depth insights into your sign, chart, its houses, planets, aspects, and how they all combine to create your chart. This reading is very detailed and will hone in on specific interpretations only applicable to you based on your complex chart.

Lesson hours

2hours X 3

Oraclecards, pen, paper

PDF Certificate of completion will be send to your email address.

Lesson Fees

YEN 55,500

名古屋のエンジェルヒーリングサロン Angel Experience エンジェルエクスペリエンス
Angel Experience ロゴ
SUN KING Angel Experience

Angel Experience

エンジェル エクスペリエンス

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