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Welcome to Angel Experience

Angel Experience is Angel Healing Salon situated in Nagoya, JAPAN.


We provide Angel Healing Therapy Sessions (Face-to-Face, Remote, and Skype)

and various Healing Lessons (Face-to-Face and Skype).


Healing Sessions 
        Face-to-Face Sessions:

  • 1 hour Angel Healing Therapy Session  : 15,000 Yen

  • 2 hours Angel Healing Therapy Session  : 30,000 Yen

  • 1 hours Psychic Reading Session : 60,000 Yen

    Skype or ZOOM Session:

  • 1 hour Skype/ZOOM Angel Session   : 15,000 Yen

  • 2 hours Skype/ZOOM Angel Session   : 30,000 Yen

    Remote Sessions:

  • 1 hour Remote Angel Healing Therapy Session  : 14,000 Yen

  • 2 hours Remote Angel Healing Therapy Session  : 28,000 Yen



  • Angel Healing Therapy

  • Angel Card Reading

  • Crystal Healing

  •  Past Life Therapy

  • Inner-Child Therapy

  •  Psychic Reading 
    and more!


About Angels and Angel Healing Therapy:

Angel Healing Therapy is an energy healing working with Angels.

Angels are always with you and will help you to be happier and healthier.

Angels need to have your permission to help your issues, and they always know the best way to help you.
You don't need to tell angels ‘How' you want to be helped, yet you can simply ask for what area you need to be helped. 

Be open for Angel's Help to come in unexpected ways... 

Angel Experience
Angel Experience Makiko Gonzalez
Angel Experience

About Healer/Teacher:
Makiko Gonzalez is a qualified Angel Intuitive(TM), Advanced Angel Intuitive(TM) , Spiritual Healing Practitioner and Angel Teacher. 

Qualification & Certificate:
Crystal Healing (Nature Care College) 
Energy Protection (Nature Care College) 

Star Love (Nature Care College) 
Basic Aromatherapy (Holistic Beauty) 
Facial & Body Massage (Holistic Beauty) 
Bach Flower Remedies (ACNT) 
The Certificate of Spiritual Healing (Chiara College) 
Body Wisdom: Medical Intuition and the Metaphysical Processes of the human body (Chiara College) 

Healing with Angels "Communion"(by Angela Brand)
Healing with Angels "Ascension" (by Angela Brand) 
Entering the Castle 2007 (by Caroline Myss Ph.D.) 

Angel Intuitive (TM) (by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D)
Advanced Angel Intuitive (TM) (by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D)
Angel Intuitive (TM) Supporting Staff

Goddesses & Angels (by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D)

Appointment Form

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Angel Experience ロゴ

Angel Healing Salon
Angel Experience


Aichi, JPAPN

名古屋のエンジェルヒーリングサロン Angel Experience エンジェルエクスペリエンス
Angel Experience ロゴ
SUN KING Angel Experience

Angel Experience

エンジェル エクスペリエンス

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